Things to know about Patriots and Seahawks before the Super Bowl.


Like they say… all good things must come to an end, and even if you don’t want to and you want the NFL Party to continue, there is a bunch of feelings that comes to your mind, on one hand you are sad either because the seasons is coming to an end or because your team is watching the game, as well as you, sitting at home and on the other hand you are feeling excited, thrilled because your favorite sports betting, New England Patriots or Seattle Seahawks, are on the final stretch to become or repeat as Super Bowl Champion in it’s 49th edition. Either or I hope you enjoy the sports action and the sports betting one as well.

Fun Facts.

For the first time in many years, there is not an actual sports betting favorite team, the game is so tight and the sports betting odds are so close from each other, that both teams reaming “Pick’em” (in the sports betting world means there is no point spread, both teams are in 0 points) for quite some time, but as the days goes by, the lines begin to move depending on the juice bet on each side of the game and now the sports betting odds are giving the favorite spot to the New England Patriots at -1 -110 on the spread, the total is now at 48 over/under and the money line for Patriots is -120 and Seahawks +100, so if you want to take advantage of the juice you better take your sports betting action in the next couple days, or the lines will move to high.

This is the second Super Bowl that is host at the University of Phoenix Stadium, the 1st one in 2007 and the one on February and Patriots played both, in 2007 against NY Giants and next week against Seahawks.

On one hand New England Patriots was the 4th highest scoring team during the regular season with an average of 29.3 points per game, but from week 5 forward ranked second with 32.3 points per game. On the other hand we have Seahawks that, for the 3rd straight season, are the team that allowed the lowest point total in the league, also ranked 1st in yards allowed and yards per play allowed. So no other team scored 40 points as often as New England and no other team allowed 10 or fewer points as frequent as Seahawks.

The Super Bowl XLIX will be nothing but a clash of titans 1st we have the best Quarterbacks, from the NFC and AFC, Wilson vs Brady and that’s a heavyweight championship, 2 great coaches, Pete Carroll vs Bill Belichick, they are the heads of two great football teams, so all that is going to move the sports betting lines on the next days a lot, and also we have others stars like Marshawn Lynch vs LeGarrette Blount, Sherman, Gronkowski and all the roster of both teams that will provide the best football, the action the sports fans and sports betting fan on the biggest sports event of the year. Enjoy.

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By Andrew Smith


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