The Parlay bet

parlay-bets1When you get into the sports betting’s world, you learn a lot of bets. And you will also know that you cannot use the same bet for all the sports, many of them have some exceptions. For example, on baseballs and football you will have some exclusive bets which are not common to be seen in other sports.

Between all this kind of bets are the Parlay bet. This is an interesting bet which consists in choosing as many teams you want from 2 to 8.  But, all the teams have to win or at least to tie if you want to win the bet. If one of your teams lose, you will lose the whole bet.

Then, is the other stage in which the game of one of your teams is cancelled, incomplete, rescheduled or postponed. Let’s say that if you choose 5 teams, you will have a 5 team Parlay bet.

So, one of the games have been cancelled! What is going to happen? Well the bet of that team will not be paid, until the game is finished. If you bet to a 5 team parlay and that happens, your bet will automatically change to a 4 team parlay.

You can find all regulations for this kind of bet at Parley Rules

One of the positive aspects of this wager is that sportsbooks force bettors to be almost perfect in the way they make the bet.  They have to thinks very well; they have to trust in the teams and in themselves.

Some other guys think that this bet is not the best that you can use. It can be hard to guess the score of many games. It could be better if you just do it choosing who will win and so on. But when you want to add some numbers, like odds, scores players and more, this bet is very complicate. And there are more possibilities to lose than to win.

It depends on you. What you prefer and what you like more. Maybe you are a wizard on this bet, and you can do it easily; but also there is some people who is just learning how to do it. So, think well and good luck!


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