Logo-NOMOREInlineTagline-Body_v2Between all kind of situations that can appeared on the NFL, one of them is taking an important place nowadays; even more now that Super Bowl has passed and everyone already enjoy of every single detail and even more the so waited commercials.

Did you remember one of them in which producers retake the 911’s call that a woman did ordering pizza? Yes, that commercial was donated by the NFL due to the initiative of the brand “No More”.

No More was born by the mix of other brands with the same purpose as Kaiser Permanente, Characters Unite, Viacom, Allstate, Macys, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Avon, Fifth and Pacific Foundation, Finn Partners, Verizon Foundation, Mary Kay, Kimberly-Clark, Sterling Brands and Prudential.

And the main aim of this brand is to be something more than a simple brand, because all of us were witnesses of what LIVESTRONG and Pinktober did, that they gave us many promises of help to many people but at the end, they just become a brand selling things and donating the smallest part they can. No More is something more, is the brand to create conscience of what the domestic violence and sexual abuse is and was it has caused.

This brand has had a good impact a movement, and it is so much that the NFL has been giving its support. As a writer said “It’s no wonder Roger Goodell and NFL owners ran to No more with open arms” after the hard situation and bitter swill they had with Ray Rice and his misbehavior.

Ray Rice was record by an elevator’s web cam hitting hardly his wife; video that literally goes around the world faster than any other news of the moment. The NFL decided to suspend Rice indefinitely and the contract with Ravens ended on September 8, 2014; however Ray appealed his indefinite suspension and won it so since December 1, 2014 he is a free agent eligible to play with any NFL Team.

That’s why NFL began to support this cause, it’s a good one, and currently just at United States 20 people per minute are victims of abuses or violence (CDC). Ought to, it doesn´t matter how much interest NFL gives to it, critics began to go out due to the small amount of money that NFL is donating, just at the NSVRC the NFL is donating $1 million that needs to be spread across 50 states, which ends on $20 000 to each state and it spread again between all victims and different helps.

However, critics are something that will always be. It is a good initiative and if you haven´t watch the video. You should do it, and here is: NFL Commercial. Maybe it is worth how much a big organization donates or at least we expect that it gives an equivalent of its gains but the thing is that is helping. Good for everyone!


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