The All Stars 2015

1421987973_extras_noticia_foton_7_1The All Stars 2015 takes place the last Sunday February 15, and the hour depends on where you are. This all stars gave us many surprises and some very hard moments full of tension due to the big amount of great plays done.

For this All Stars the 10 best players chosen were:

East Conference: John wall from Wizards, Kyle Lowry (Raptors), LeBron James (Cavaliers), Pau Gasol (Bulls) and Carmelo Anthony from Nick. Reserves: Al Horford (Hawks), Chris Bosh (Heat), Paul Millsap (Hawks), Jimmy Butler (Bulls), Dwayne Wade (Heat), Jeff Teague (Hawks), Kyrie Irving (Cavaliers) and Kyle Korver from Hawks.

West Conference: Stephen Curry (Warriors), Kobe Bryant (Lakers), Marc Gasol (Grizzlies), Blake Griffin (Clippers) and Anthony Davis from Pelicans.  Reserves: LaMarcus Aldridge (Blazers), Tim Duncan (Spurs), Kevin Durant (Thunder), Klay Thompson (Warriors), Russell Westbrook (Thunder), James Harden (Rockets), Chris Paul (Clippers), DeMarcus Cousins (Kings), Damian Lillard (Blazers) and Dirk Nowitzki from Mavericks.

Incredible players with a lot of history, nominations and awards at the field, and some of them came to mark a legend at All Stars Games such as the Gasol Brothers. Marc playing with the West Conference and Paul with the East were the en charge of opening the game with the biggest jump they can do and doing a great moment for an entire family. Pau was the one who won the big jump, however, to they it was not important and it doesn´t matter who was the winner they staged the glory and not only gave was the best All Stars Opening; they got the recognition of the entire world.

At the end, West Conference won the All Stars 2015 with a score of 163-158. A hard game with too much competitive, tension and the best basketball you can ever see. We cannot definitely expect less than that due to the high level of the NBA game.

About the MVP; the deserving player of this award was no more and no less than Wilt Chamberlain from Oklahoma City Thunder who is also good known as the man of the 100 points in just a game and the one who broke up all the records and accepted he has been with 20 000 women.

A great game, and hopping you did the best bets at your favorite sportsbook, I wish you could enjoy in the best way this All Stars 2015.


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