The NFL Scouting Combine

Combine_2015_rgb-790x754The Scouting Combine of the NFL is a complete process for those players who have already ended their careers at University and of course, for those who really have the abilities to be at NFL. Commonly there are more than 300 players that can be part of this Combine; however, they can do it only with invitation.

On this event, players are put on trial in three basic areas: Intellectual, medical and athletically; that’s why it is known as the event which makes or breaks dreams. This year are 323 the guests of the Lucas Oil Stadium at Indianapolis and they are from many countries around the continent, for example Nebraska, South Dakota State and more.

The calendar that they had was: On February 20, all the specialists, offensive linemen and tight ends; on February 21, the quarterbacks, wide receivers and runners; February 22 the defensive linemen and linebackers and on February 23 the defensive backs are the ones in charge of closing the Combine. Currently we are just waiting for results and the last words from the organizations.

On the quarterbacks groups, the draft is one of the most important due to the main position that it is. Since 2008, the draw only sends eight players to take on count: Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Matthew Stafford, Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck and Rusell Wilson. On this group the best prospectus that can be found is Rusell Wilson who only needs to prove to Tampa Bay Buccaneers that he is mature enough to trust him as the face of the franchise.

For the Wide Receivers this Combine is a great opportunity for those teams who are looking for talent and abilities. On the “gaunglet”, exercise in which the receptor has to cross the field to width and along  and catching quick passes sended from both sides was incredible notorious and left all the representatives with open mouth.  From the seven receptors, Amari Cooper is the shortest but the one who has more bets on him.

There are many important details that players who want to be selected need to have, for example, the Character of each of them, such as Robert Browning said “What ennobles man is not an act, but a desire”; Work Ethics, Mental Strength, instincts, sports intelligence, explosion and production number.

If a guy has all of this, is a great player who will be contract for sure. There are many players, some of them are pretty good other no much but they need to grow up and at the end, all bettors will end placing bets over they and calling their agents or online sportsbook and so on.

The NFL Draft 2015 have these dates: Round1, April 30, time TBA; Rds2-3, May 1, TBA; Rds4-7: May 2, TBA. All of it will happen at Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University at Chicago.


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