Claudio Bravo: Inside the Best Goalkeepers of the League

1991642The Barcelona’s goalkeeper Claudio Bravo has been giving us too much to talk about; currently, he is getting inside the list of the best goalkeepers of the European League such as Spain, Italy, England, France and Germany are.

The 31 years old Chilean goalkeeper is getting very  close to win the Zamora award which is giving only to the highest goal scorer of the League. He is only surpassed by Manuel Neuer from Bayern Munich and Gianluigi Buffon of Juventus.

Also, he has been the leading scorer of all the competition’s goal scorers with an average of 0.6 goals per game. Taking into account the average number, we can easily compare the “Halcon” (Claudio Bravo) with Neuer who has 0.4 and Buffon with 0.5; information given by ESPN.

There are many people on media talking about the enhancement of Claudio Bravo at Barcelona, even the Sport’s journey made the comparison between Bravo and Valdés who is currently playing with Manchester United Football Club.

“Bravos interrupted Valdes’ debate, he is stopping much as Victor in his last year at Barcelona and has cleared doubts, if there was any after ‘swallow’ that goal in the preseason against Napoli –in his debut by blaugrana-“ Sport journey.

Should Luis Enrique set Bravo inside the official lineup?

There are still some remaining challenges Bravo has to overcome to be part of the official lineup such as winning more titles with “Barça” and having a better goal average to get a Zamora’s award. However, he has been winning trust and faith not only from Luis Enrique, but also from his followers and fans.

Probably, what Ancelotti has been doing with goalkeepers has set a stile. Most of the time player #1 takes part of the lineup of the Liga and the Champions; however, Ancelotti is constantly changing between Keylor Navas and Iker Casillas. This is what Luis Enrique is doing as well by putting: Claudio Bravo to play in the Liga and Ter Stegen in the Champions.

Listening to comments between fans and commentators we can easily deduct that Claudio is in better shape than Ter Stegen, or at least that’s what Lluís Mascaró let us know with an example of a mistake done by Stegen against PSG in which is obviously seen that every time he was doing of the sticks, his hands began to shake.

Definitely, to replace Valdés is a huge challenger, but Bravo seems to be the most appropriate to assume the charge. I could bet in favor of Bravo, at my favorite online sportsbook or with my Agent, Without a second thought, would you place any bet in his favor?


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