Pay per Head is waiting for You

Evolution-of-your-business-ahead-with-ABC-Price-Per-Head-721In the sports betting world, everything is constantly changing, looking to improve the way things work, not only for sportsbooks but also for the agents. However, not everybody is aware of these changes.

For example, someone, may be playing at a casino table, and suddenly his phone rings, he isn´t able to pay attention to his game, because he knows, he must take this call. Why? Because he is takings some sports bets for his clients! Even when he´s been doing that for a while, he hasn’t realized he has the opportunity to become more than a guy taking small bets on the phone, he can actually have his own business as an agent. However, he is missing this amazing opportunity just because he doesn´t know about Price per head Services.

He may be not the only one in the dark about it, that´s why, to make sure everybody has a chance to enjoy from the same possibilities of success, I proceed to explain what Pay per Head does for you.

An Agent is every guy who receives call from clients to place some bets. With Pay per Head, all agents can enjoy a huge list of benefits, and one of them is to recover his social life. If you are an agent, this may sound as a dream come true… Can you imagine yourself, having a big list of clients placing bets at the same time without you having to answer the phone at any time!

Well, let me tell you that, this can really happen. Pay per head service was created by the sportsbooks to make this process easy for the agents. With this service agents can have an entire department of customer service, giving the best attention to their clients; also they can have around 50 bilingual clerks, 100% trained, taking their bets. Each agent can count with amazing promotions to be offered to their clients.  This service will increase as well the options to make payments or receive money, something that will be hard to do for an agent working alone.

Pay per head service also give the option for agents  to have their own personalized website, and monthly reports in which they can follow their clients’ movements or any specific information. It is worth to say, that with the pay per head service, agents can see on real life what their clients are doing. The best thing is, that it is not an obligation for agents to be the 100% of the time inside their business, because they can actually rely on a professional, and trustworthy company.

As an agent using the pay per head service, you can have more clients, more quality of service, more offers and promotions and the limitations for payments will be something of the past. You can recover your life, do what you miss or enjoy to do and still keep winning.

Pay per head service is waiting for you, to help your company grow, to enhance your service, giving you all the tools you need to become a better agent and to be able to offer the best to your clients. So, If you haven´t hire a pay per head service, what are you waiting for?


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