“Atleti” and Real Madrid´s Heavy Sanction

real-madrid-atletico-madridLast November, FIFA sanctioned Barcelona for signing players under the age of 18 years. The team hasn’t been able to transfer any player for a two years period. This year, something similar seems to be happening. Last week, some media released rumors regarding transfer bans affecting Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid.

Last Tuesday night, ‘El Largero’’ TV show communicated that these two team run the risk of being sanctioned with a two years transfer ban. According to this show, Atletico de Madrid will be the first team to be sanctioned.

Regarding this rumor, last Wednesday, Real Madrid, made a statement. The team declared that all accusations of possible violations on the inscription of foreign players under age were ‘absolutely false’. Besides, it pointed out that the Spanish Football Federation denied the allegations, as well.

The white team added that the team has a scrupulous respect for FIFA rules and regrets the dissemination of this information. They even consider it malicious. Besides, the Real Madrid brought back the fact just last January 26, the team defended its strict compliance with the rules regarding minor`s health and proper development protection.

These rumors triggered several doubts. To answer some of the fans’ questions regarding transfer bans, the ABC made some statements. For example, they explained that all players who already have a contract with those teams can continue playing. As far as loan players, they can come back when the contract with their original teams ends.

Knowing that was a relief for some fans. They wondered what would happen with the Real Madrid payers that are currently playing for other teams. (Casemiro for Oporto and Cheryshev for Villarreal). The same with Atletico Madrid which has Oliver Torres playing at Oporto and Leo Baptiste at Rayo Vallecano.

This is something probably most fans don´t know! This sanction, affects all categories. Neither The lower league can make transfers, during the two years period. However, teams can sell players, change technical or amplify contracts.

For the moment, this topic will continue under discussion. We have to wait and see want happens. In the meantime, while all things get clear; the best thing we can do is keep enjoying the games. No matter what, these two teams will give nothing else than great performances don´t you agree?

Did you already have your favorite? It still a good opportunity to make some bets. Call your favorite sportsbook and see what they have to offer! This is definitely going to be a Championship to remember!


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