SimBet Threats

Do you know what SimBet is or was? A couple of years ago I knew about this company because they were about to create a platform for kids to place bets under adults’ supervision. The aim was to teach kids how to place sports bets on a responsible way, to decrease the number of children who grow up with gambling problems. However, what I just read some days ago, let me speechless!

SimBet’s aim was not only to teach kids how sports betting works, but it was also a threat to Australia´s government, at the moment. Why a threat? I’m going to explain:

In Australia, while sports events, games or related activities are been televised, most of the ads appearing during the transition are just about sports betting.  An anti- betting group didn´t want this to happen anymore, that’s why they threaten the government with releasing a betting app for kids if the ads were not removed.  For my surprise and maybe for surprise of many of you too, this Anti-sports betting group was SimBet.

So that which was the real aim of the platform created by SimBet; they would launch a children’s gambling app UNLESS laws stop sports betting ads during broadcasts.

Talking about this situation, the Uniting Communities gambling expert Mark Henley said that “The SimBet site looks like worry to me. I fear that the humor strategy may be a bit too subtle” and also he said that “Any activity that links gambling with sport for kids is a worry for me.”

Of course, it created big controversy because of what the simple mix of kids and gambling means. Actually, during the campaign against the sports betting ads, SimBet created a video in which they explained that “kids may be exposed to over 2 hours of gambling advertising per week”, and that “on average, there is one teenager with a gambling problem in every classroom.” All of this with the aim of making consciousness of what happen on real life.

On the video, they explained that many of adults gambling problems began before 18 years old and also that kids should never be involved in betting related activities. Not everybody agreed on that, in words of The Advertiser “It is impossible to tell what sort of effects this type of advertising will have on children as they grow up, so we thought we would create a simulated betting platform so kids will at least be “experienced” and “educated” when they can legally gamble.”

As Paul Delfabbro from University of Adelaide said: “Teaching kids about the odds of gambling and providing insights into how gambling works, how profits are made, how the industry operates is a good idea”

The controversy didn´t stop there; However, at this moment, if you try to enter to the SimBet platform website, you won´t find it, the website is not available anymore. Maybe the aim of educate kids of sports bets could had worked, maybe it could had made more responsible adults on the betting topic don´t you think? Or maybe, it would had been a disaster!  I Think we´ll never know.

I was trying to see what´s going on with this company, but there´s not much information out there. Going through some internet pages I found a Tweet from last year that said ¨Ahuge offer was made on SimBet that we are strongly considering. You may not see SimBet this year¨. It´s impossible to know which was the offer or what´s going on with this company, but it let an interesting topic on the table! For now, and taking into consideration that the page doesn´t exist anymore, there´s not much to say, just to wait and see what happens in the future! Would SimBets idea will become a reality, or it just too much for our society to handle!


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