Good Bye Ancelotti

anc2_154153bThis year has been full of hard moments for Real Madrid’ team, its fans and everybody around it, and now, all we can do is wait for more hard decisions. Beginning with one of the most transcendental resolutions, relieving Ancelotti from his duty as Real Madrid`s manager. The decision was announced this Monday, 25 by Florentino.

As we already know, the team had many ups and downs during this year, sometimes we thought it was some of the player`s responsibility, but most of the times it was the coach the one to blame.

It doesn´t matter that Ancelotti did what most trainers didn´t do with the team, such as winning the Cup, winning the Champions League by tenth time, the European Super cup and the Club World Cup. The punishment for the mistakes he made and the lack of attention from the players came over Ancelotti, when today during the morning, Florentino, using almost the same speech, the same ideas and the same words than he used with Pellegrini said goodbye to Ancelotti.

After the “deep and motivating” speech of Florentino, the only thing that Ancelotti could do was give thanks to everyone through the social networks, he twitted “I keep the memory of two fantastic years at @realmadrid Thanks to this club and my players. Hala Madrid and Nothing More”. Message that he wrote on Castilian, Italian and English.

With Ancelotti`s good bye, some other changes will come for the Team. The first news and not surprising for us, is that Casillas will continue with the team for the rest of his contract. Besides, there are strong rumors that De Geas’ possible contract with real Madrid is going in the wright track; however, at the moment he continues with Manchester United. If the negotiation takes place, Navas will be part of it. De Geas would go to Real Madrid, and Navas to Manchester. In this case, could this be an opportunity for Navas to play on the lineup?

Also, there`re some news about the Chicharito Hernández, the Real Madrid will not exercise the repurchase option and the player will return to the United Manchester. Florentino didn´t want to make another investment because of the inversion already made with James (80 million) and Kross (25 million).

As some newspapers said “Prophecy was fulfilled at Real Madrid”, if the team doesn´t win, the coach leaves. For now, we just can wait to see who will be the new coach and how the team will respond to the next changes.


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