NBA Finals is Complete – 2nd Finalist Golden State Warriors


Stephen Curry, MVP and leader of this years’ best team and West Conference Champions, Golden State Warriors, advance to the NBA Finals 2015. Warriors, reach the Finals for the 1st time in 40 years yesterday.

Golden State fought against Houston Rockets for the conference finals trophy and the ticket to the Final, but Stephen Curry and his Warriors, jumped over them to win the 7 game series 4-1, to finish off Rockets and advance to the last stage of the tournament, breaking decades of not reaching the finals and opening a new chapter of success for the team.

Now, Stephen Curry’ Warriors will face no other than Lebron James‘ Cavaliers in the NBA Final, considered the best player of this generation. But still, Curry knows how to handle the fear in competition. He knows he can lead his team to finish the job, leaving everything on the court to fight for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy against Cavaliers.

Stephen Curry, the star of Warriors, will face a great challenge against Cavaliers, but we can only expect greatness from the best players and teams of both conferences, in the battle for the NBA Championship Tittle.

At the moment, Golden State Warriors team is favorite to win the 7 game series, at JazzSports Sportsbook Warriors are at -240, while Cleveland is underdog to win the series at +200, you can check more odds to win and live sportsbook odds at JazzSports.

Game 1 of the series between Golden State and Cleveland is schedule for next Thursday, June 4th, 9pm EST, at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

Golden State Warriors are favorite for game 1 of the NBA Finals series, and you can see the opening sportsbook line below, from JazzSports.

NBA Finals 2015

Thu, Jun 4th





9 PM – EST


+5.5 -110

203 ov -110



-5.5 -110

203 un -110


You can check the latest sportsbook odds, news and betting options for the NBA Finals at JazzSports here

We can only wait for all the basketball action the best teams in both conference are going to bring to the NBA Finals, 2015 edition. We can’t wait for the best players in the league, the stars of both teams, Stephen Curry and Lebron James, to start the final stage, for us to know, which team has what it takes to take the Trophy home and give the fans the privilege of call them “Champions”.

By Andrew Smith


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