Which Poker Player are you?

poker-faceIf you are used to go to casinos, you probably already know that, poker is one of the games that has been growing in its popularity. This kind of gambling is becoming a real business, generating big profit.

It has created such an impact, that wizards on the topic have made different studies about the kinds of people who play poker.

These people have seen that bettors usually behave in different ways depending on the characteristics of a determinate game or sport. There is a mix of adrenaline and their own personality or style which they were able to identify and taking into account those characteristic, they categorized player on four groups of gamblers:

Loose-Passive: This type of players have the necessity of play in all possible hands they can, they used to ‘go’ to many pre-flop which are the first two cards that the dealer give you on the beginning, and many others make the call post-flop, moment in which bettors have to pay the bet once the flop or the three first cards are presented. These types of players are also known as the calling stations due to their lake of interest on the amount to risk.

Tight-Passive: These type of players are the once who play a few hands and they do it on a very passive way, betting hard just when they are sure they have a good hand. They use to have less gains due to the easy way in which rivals can find them. They are also known as rocks, they have and received few action.

Loose-Aggressive: these players need to play in all hands if it is possible but they do it on a very aggressive way, raising bets every time they can and doing the so famous poker face which is commonly take as the signal of the loose-aggressive. They are seen as dangerous on the table, because they can collect many chips and can dominated the table easily.

Tight-Aggressive: These players are the most difficult to bring down, they are very selective and they bet hard, when they are going to win. They take into consideration the odds from the put and the once who are implicit. They do re-raises when they have good cards and they need to protect them. Most of the professional gamblers play in this way, they choose the correct moment to do slow plays, and more.

Now that we already know a little bit of the type of poker players there are, in which category are you? Do you think it is important for casinos to know and take into consideration this kind of studies?


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