Coming Sunday – NBA Finals Game 5


If you are an NBA fan, you know the series is tied 2-2 between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, after game 4.

Golden State had a great challenge coming back from two game lost against Cavaliers, but it looks like the series is taking more from the exhausted players, as I said on a previews’ article, blood and sweat is what’s going to take them to the final, even the Kings’ Blood.

Cavaliers stop Curry’s Warriors in game 2 and 3, but the Warriors from Golden State knew the battle wasn’t over, and pushed the team to the limit yesterday. They stopped Lebron from completing the greatest playoff performance in NBA history and came back to fight for the title once more. Golden state tied the series 2-2 yesterday, heading for game #5 on Sunday, Jun 14th, 8pm EST at Oracle Arena.

And talking about game 5, you can check full schedule, game previews, news, including some sportsbook odds, to get ready for the NBA Finals on Sunday at JazzSports Sportsbook, so let’s check the odds for the game.

NBA Finals – Game 5

Sun, Jun 14th – 8 pm EST






+8 -110

195.5 ov -110



-8 -110

195.5 un -110


You can find updated odds including all the above at JazzSports Sportsbook here

Predictions are saying Cavaliers will end winning the series in game 6 and all the pressure is heading that way, cause they are facing a more rested Golden State, heading to their own court on Sunday. Cleveland put much effort to win the previews 2 games and had many players injured and now they have deal with Lebron cuts on his head from yesterday’s incident.

There are still 3 more games for them to show the fans and the entire basketball world, they will fight to the end, with sweat and blood, and provide a great show. So far they have shown they have what it takes to win the series and take the trophy home.

We, fans, can only wait for the action to happened and get ready for what coming up next. Stay tune with Jazzsports Sportsbook for updated news and more.

By Andrew Smith


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