Most Popular Sports at the 2015

messi_cordoba_copa-640x640x80It was around the 2000 A.C. when the term “sports” appeared.  The most common were gymnastics and some other more violent sports such as the Mesoamerican ballgame, it may sound kind of boring, not to have the variety we have right now; however, at that time, that was the kind of sports that people enjoyed the most.

Nowadays, the term “sports” has grown up so much more, to the point in which the amount of sports on the entire world is hard to count, to be listed or even to remember all its names. The good thing is that now we have a diversity of sports to choose from, not only to practice but for watching and enjoying the game. With the pass of the years, there are some sports that have been winning importance among fans, making some sports more popular than others.

I was thinking the best way to determine the most popular sports, and I found many ways to do it.  Taking into account the amount of fans or the amount of players, by the number of teams or which are the older ones. Finally in order to make a list I chose the sports most watched, of course, taking into account the amount of fans in the entire world, as well. So, from the most popular to the less popular we have the following list:

  1. Soccer: Currently we can say that there are 3.5 billion of fans around the world on this sport. It turns out that the simplicity with the ease of play, makes it one of the most loved sports. It is not necessary to go so far to find someone playing this sport, you can find a soccer ball and soccer team in every neighborhood, every country, every state, and every school. Everywhere you can find fans of this sports and professional teams as well.
  2. Cricket: This is an older sport, some references say that it has been played since 16th century; however, it was developed and codified on 1700s. Currently, it is played by county or national teams and there are special matches per years. This sport has around 2.5 billion of fans.
  3. Field Hockey: This sport was born on Europe and Asia, however, its current rules were made on the 19th century on England. It is also seen as a female-dominated sport on North America, but on other countries it is male-dominated. This sport has 2 billion of fans.
  4. Tennis: This sport is so popular because there has never been a player able to dominate the sport on the last ten years, despite that fact, the amount of fans that it has is surprising (1billion).
  5. Volleyball: This is a completely simple sport that only needs a net and a ball; it can be played under grass, sand or cement and has around 900million of fans.
  6. Table Tennis: It become popular on China at first instance, then it gained a place on Europe and continued in the rest of the countries. People loved it due to the ease of play and inexpensive equipment needed.
  7. Baseball and golf: These sports have 500 and 450 million respectively. Both of them are really known and they are almost unique in terms of competitions.
  8. Basket and Football: The most popular sports in the United States. The most popular sports at sports betting businesses, and the sport with the most popular players. Each one has around 400million of fans, and numbers are increasing.

How much do you know about your favorite sport?  How popular is it?  Does people bet on it?  Share with us your comments!


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