Tom Brady: Appealed Punishment

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

On June 23rd, Tom Brady presented an appeal to the punishment received last May, 11th. Last month, he got suspended for the violation of the NFL integrity of the game policy. This happened during the game between the patriots vs the Indianapolis Colts at the Super Bowl.

The reason for Brady´s sanction was the use of deflated balloons during the game. For that same reason, the Patriot´s victory in that particular games is been questioned. As punishment, Brady received a four games suspension. Besides, the team was sanctioned as well, they received a 1 million dollars penalty, plus the dispossession of two draft picks.

According to some NFL news, this sanction came less than a week after, Ted Wells, an independent investigator, found out that it was “more probable than not”, that Brady was “at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities’’.

Tom Brady and the player’s Union Representatives met with the commissar Roger Goodell, at the NFL office at Park Avenue, where Brady presented the appeal. Brady´s testimony was scheduled to have a four hours duration; however, it lasted almost ten.  It was definitely an extensive, and complicated case to analyze. It is worth to mention, that there are not further hearings scheduled, so far.

On the trail session, Brady’s team claimed, that Tom’s sanction was “widely inconsistent” with past and older punishments given to the league, in similar situations. Besides, they detailed, that Well´s report had dubious, contradictory and misinterpreted evidence. Finally the team argued that, the report was an inadequate legal base to impose a sanction without more precedents.

So far, we don´t have any up dated information about the result on Tom Brady and his team´s appeal. All we know for sure is what the NFL site posted – “due to a confidentiality order, it could take some time before the details of the appeal are revealed to the public”.

In a situation like that, all we can do is wait. We hope to have the most positive outcome for Brady and his team. At the end, all the fans want is to see Brady, doing what he does best, Playing Football with the New York, Patriots, as soon as possible.


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