Sportsbooks Trends

CapturaWhen I think about sportsbooks many things come to my mind. What do clients want, what do these companies should offer? Does technology makes a difference? Well, trying to answer those question the new trends at sportsbooks were born.

Before commenting the trends that have come to light during the last couple of years, it is important to talk about what do clients want these days? The current client is looking for the most comfortable service offered inside the market, but what can be a good definition of ‘‘comfortable service’.’    

The new advances in technology have create the necessity for business and people to be open to a bunch of different opportunities to evolve. In short, the term ‘‘comfortable’’ can be described as the current clients’ need and desires.

All kinds of businesses are adopting these new trends, it has become almost a necessity, just one more technological tool, needed in order to compete in any market, and sportsbooks are not the exception.

Business are growing by implementing new trends, and one very popular these days in the betting industry is the implementation of mobile sportsbooks.

Nowadays, almost everybody owns a smartphone, allowing them to access their favorite sites anywhere and anytime. That´s why to go hand in hand with this technological advance, sportsbooks have included this as an option for their clients. Now, with their smart phones and through a user friendly sportsbook platform or a Sportsbook mobile app, they are able to bet on their favorite event, anytime they want.

Another trend that comes to my mind is live casino and sportsbooks, which allows people to bet at the events as these are happening. For example, at casinos, while you´re playing blackjack through the internet, on the other side, will be a real dealer with a web came playing along with you. Just as live casino has change the way casinos work, sportsbooks have implemented live wagering.

Live betting allows clients to bet on games while these are taking place. Of course this is not, as easy as it sounds, the lines are as well constantly changing as the game is in progress, but it definitely make the game more exiting from the beginning to the end.

These are just a few trends, there are some others such as pay per head services that allow new and old agents to update and improve their businesses, new and more efficient payment methods are been offered as well, there’s no doubt the sports betting industry has been adopting several new trends that have come to make bettors and agents’ lives easier and much more exiting!

Does your favorite sportsbook has what you need? Share with us your experiences!


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