Cleveland Browns Broke up With Andy Moeller

6a00d83451bd4469e2014e5ff0fe6b970cOn September 5th, the offensive line coach Andy Moeller got involved on an incident which put on danger his career and his dignity. Then on Monday September 7th, Browns spokesman Dan Murphy wrote an email explaining that:

“Over the weekend, Andy was involved in an incident, involving allegations that we take very seriously. We have followed our internal protocol, determining that right now it is best for the team and for Andy to take time away from the organization to focus on his personal matters.”

But what happened? What kind of incident was it?

It turns out that Andy Moeller is under investigation for a 911 call from a woman who alleged she was victim of an assault and the aggressor is Andy Moeller who tried also to strangle her.

This victim is Moeller’s girlfriend, and some reports from different media said that she didn´t know whether to press charges or not because she was not sure of how the police could take the situation, as it involved her boyfriend. However, as they are not married nor living together the assault could have been taken as a common assault and not as a domestic one.

Yesterday, Tuesday September 30th, the Browns and Moeller’s representative declare that even when there weren´t charges pressed connecting Moeller to the current incidents, and he refused vehemently to have committed that crime, he communicated to the Browns that had decided to dedicate his full attention to his family for now.

After being suspended indefinitely by the organization while he was under investigation, he decide to leave the Cleveland Browns. It is good to remember that after six seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, this is the second season with the Browns, after being names OL Coach on February 2014.

However, we cannot let pass by the fact that this is the second incident in which he has been suspended. On 2011, Moeller was suspended for two games by the NFL and was also penalized with $ 47 000 after being sentenced for violating the league’s personal conduct policy, they found him guilty of driving with a high level of alcohol. Besides, through the 2011 he had three alcohol-related arrests.

By the moment the only thing we know is that Brown and Moeller have already broke up relationships. Who will be the coming OL coach? We don´t know. For the moment we just have to wait and see what future brings.


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