Cowboys Lost Lance Dunbar

lance-dunbarOn October 4th During the game at Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, we witnessed a great game, with outstanding performances from some runners, such as Dunbar and McFadden from Dallas and Ingram and Robinson from New Orleans.  We also saw great action from great receivers such as Butler, Beasley and Spiller, Snead. An exciting game in which the Saints won over the Cowboys 26-29; unfortunately, we also witnessed Dunbar Lance suffered a hard injury.

The injury  occurred  during Dunbar kickoff  in the second half of the game, it seemed like Dunbar’s foot get caught in the grass and then he fell back, of course he was taken out of the field in the assisting car.  The injury was a tear on the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, and it would need an emergency surgery. Also, and just in case you think that it is not enough, Dunbar also suffered a partial tear in the medial collateral ligament, this information according to an anonymous source.

What’s coming for Lance?

After four games, he will need to take an obligatory rest. The surgery will mark an end on Lance’s season. However, Dallas Cowboys’ coaches hope the best for him when he returns to the field. On words of Garrett, the coach and former player:

I think it shows how versatile and productive can be a player. I saw it last night, he ran with the ball out of the backfield, a large haul in the early going, he has shown he can catch the ball out of the backfield, has shown that he can be aligned as a receiver, catch the ball and make plays. He is good in kickoff returns. He is one of those guys that when the ball is in his hands does many positive things for the team. He’s a great guy and has a great future ahead. Will come back. He will handle in the right way. He will be better than ever.” –Garret

By the moment, and while the Cowboys have Dunbar on the list of injury’s players, the linebacker Rolando McClain or the defense Greg Hardy could take his place. However, players such as Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden y Christine Michael are on the eyes of the coaches and may also cover Dunbar’s absence. In fact, the newbie, Lucky Whitehead can have a very important place in the team right now.

Dallas Cowboys are really proud of their teams’ performance and the quality of players they got. In emergencies like this, they have the advantage of relying on the staff or personnel they already have; they don´t need to look for players outside. So, for the moment we can only hope that everything goes in best way for Lance Dunbar and the Dallas Cowboys.


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