Simeone Replacing Mourinho?

 article-0-1D7C1CEC00000578-35_634x519The situation that the ex-coach of the “merengues” has been going through with his new team Chelsea, it is not something new. It is a mix of the bad personal and institutional moments. However, it doesn´t matter what is he facing right now, things can get worst, even after getting Roman Abramovich support last week.

Currently, Chelsea is risking descending to league 1 and the statements of the Portuguese coach don´t help

‘‘If Chelsea wants to fire me, then fire me”.   Mourinho declared after losing at home against Southampton 3 -1.

Nevertheless, the Chelsea showed its support,

“The club want to leave it clear that José Mourinho will continue having our support” to what Mourinho responded: “I’ll not resign, in any way. Why? Because Chelsea cannot have a coach better than me. There are many coaches in the world who are at my level, but there are none better. There is no possibility that II resign.”

The situation is very hard for Mourinho and the team, and everything becomes even harder when we remember that, last Saturday they lost 3-1 at home against Southampton signing its worst beginning at the league on 37 years. After 8 Seasons, the team is currently sixteenth points behind the leader.

However, Mourinho hopes for the best,

“I have a big ego, a big pride. I consider myself the best, but I’m living the worst moment of my career and I’m feeling it twice worst at Chelsea, as I love this club. I want to continue, no doubt about that. To end champions, the distance is considerable, so it will be very difficult but I am more than convinced that we will end as one of the top four”.

This is not going to be easy though, considering Chelsea’s latest results , no team has achieve to be over the fifth position at the end of the Premier League Season, being in the place Chelsea is at, right now. Chelsea is currently around 10 points from the provisional Premier League’s leader, the Manchester City.

For the moment, the situation is getting worst and Abramovich might change his mind from one week to another. There are some rumors that say he has the “Cholo” on mind. It is right, on March he renewed by five campaigns with the Atlético and the Chelsey will need to pay 20 million of euros if they want to sign him. To get to this number, Chelsea needs around 50 million euros to fire Mourinho, who just renewed his contract last summer, according to Daily Star.

Diego Simeone has a big possibility on this team, and England has big hope and they bet he can replace Mourinho’s place sooner rather than later.


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