Kobe Bryant Said Good Bye

Nothing is forever just the essence of what we were is going to remain on earth after we are death. This is the case of Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Don´t freak out! He is not death yet, but his career just came to an end!

Many of us, as fans, and even more the Lakers as a team were waiting to have Kobe Bryant for the rest of his live. However, as any career it has to get to the end. It doesn´t matter if you are one of the best players of the world or which sport you play, soccer, football or basketball, if your body needs it, if your health is screaming at it, the best thing is to give it a rest.

It can be very hard, we have seen how difficult it was for Michael Jordan, even to Zidane and many other important players from different sports to go out of their teams and try to make a new routine. Scott, Laker’s coach, tell us a little bit about the moment in which Kobe said to him that this was his last season.

Byron Scott didn´t tell us anything about the exact date in which Kobe will leave, however, he said that Kobe decided that this will be his last season and that he was enjoying this visit to New York because it may be his last one as a Laker’s player.

Kobe Bryant hasn´t given any official declaration by twitter or any other official page yet; however, Scott said that this is the first time, Kobe let him know he is about to leave the team and the basketball career.

Many players and fans have been aware of the news and movement Koby makes, even Dwayne Wade said to Michael Wallace from ESPN:

“I do feel — and I’ve said this before the last couple of years with LeBron [James], when he became the best player in our game — that Kobe Bryant is the greatest player of our era,” Wade said. “The Kobe Bryants aren’t around no more. There are good young players, but there will never be another Kobe. So every opportunity you get to [face him], you want to seize that moment.”

Currently, Kobe has said yes to the Olympic Games 2016 at Rio, and many people has been speculating that this will be his last games, for real. Kobe said that this will mean everything to him, that being there with the good relation that he has with the players that will be present at the Olympic Games will be a lot of fun.

By the moment, Scott doesn´t know if Kobe will play all nights, he said that Kobe really wants to play all the games. However, after the rotator cuff break in his right shoulder and the bruised in the left leg, he cannot be forced to play.  Scott needs to take care of him, and even when Scott knows the kind of fighter Koby is, he cannot let it play all the games.


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