The Bernabeu is Armored!

SatelliteAs we already know, fear is just one of the words that we can use to describe the current feeling at the Middle East, Europe and all countries involved in the latest terrorism attacks. This obviously, includes Spain been the neighboring country of France and Belgium.

Actually, we have already seen in the news, retweets or reposts at Facebook and twitter, that these countries are having a lot of movement of armament by common streets and even by train or underground routes.

There are no official threats against Spain, but security measures are been taken at this moment, specially, because a very important sportive event, the Classic between the Barcelona and the Real Madrid will take place this weekend.

Even though several other games such as Belgium vs. Spain and Germany vs. Netherlands were suspended as a precautionary measure, it seems that the classic is going to take place anyways, at the Bernabeu, this weekend.

This game is one of the most expected games at soccer and the idea of suspending it is not an option. The Interior Ministry Secretary of State for Security: Francis Martinez and the Secretary of State for Sports: Miguel Cardenal, will chair the extraordinary meeting of the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport, in which they will discuss the deployment and implementation of security measures for the game.

This deployment will consist on more than 1800 security agents, between the Nacional Police, the local, as well as, the private security personnel of the Real Madrid. Besides, the security measures will start since tomorrow, with police dogs trained to found explosives around the Bernabeu. The police will have control of all the cars that will be at the parking of stadium, there will also be underground units to inspect the sewer which is “another city under Madrid” said a police expert to MD.

The day of the big game, the police will be deployed on horseback, walk, riot police and helicopters to have control of everything from the air. Usually, on official events, there are snipers but it is not for sure yet, if that would be the case in the classic.

People who are thinking about assisting to the game need to be there early because there will be around three rings of security at the entrance.  We really hope that nothing happens; however, for some people it may be a relief to know that so many security measures are been taken for this particular event.


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