Super Bowl 50

nfl-free-agency-super-bowl-50-odds.jpgThis coming year brings along some changes regarding the Super Bowl.  Luckily, for us, these modifications will benefit fans, viewers, players and different companies.

One of the changes that millions of fans will get to enjoy comes from ESPN Deportes. This Company will transmit the game, but this time Latin American fans will be able to enjoy through ESPN in Spanish network, on Sunday February 7th at 6:00pm ET. The transmission will be live from the Levi’s Stadium at Santa Clara, California.

The NFL and CBS already confirmed this agreement. Both parties feel very proud; Sean McManus, CBS Sports CEO said: “As the chain of Super Bowl 50, was a priority for us to find a partner of Spanish-speaking broadcast and televise this historic reach for Hispanic fans that the NFL has, ESPN’s presentation of Super Bowl 50 will be a great complement to our CBS broadcast.”

The Experts that will be narrating the game from the Levi’s Stadium will be the ESPN “Monday Night Football” team, composed by Alvaro Martin uncharged of the narration, ex former’s NFL kicker, Super Bowl champion Raul Allegre, making analysis and John Sutcliffe as field reporter.

To complement the Super Bowl’s live transmission, ESPN Deportes will present a complete multimedia coverage, all week from Monday February 1st. Programming the Super Bowl on Sunday will feature coverage in anticipation of the game, live from San Francisco, including a special broadcast 90 minutes before the game at 4:30pm and the program culminating event. Also, for 3rd consecutive time, ESPN Deportes Radio will be broadcasting the Super Bowl.

This is one modification, talking about transmissions and new channels. However, there is one unusual modification this coming year.

The NFL announced that this next Super Bowl, which will take place on February 7, would be the first Super Bowl in over 40 years that will not use Roman numbers on the logo. The NFL said, this will be a one-time and a one-year change.

Normally, this coming super Bowl would be addressed as the ‘‘L’’ Bowl, but as NFL Association said this Super Bowl will be known as the Super Bowl“50”. Nevertheless, the next Super Bowl 2017 will return to Roman Numbers and will be the “Super Bowl LI”.

The last Super Bowl XLIX final was between New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, in which the match ended 28-24 giving the Patriots the Victory. Who do you think will win this coming year’s Super Bowl?


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