Online Casino

Online Casino

Jazz Casino & Sportsbook offers you the thrill and excitement of Las Vegas at home with it’s Online Casino. Simply select the version that better suits your needs and start winning!

Just like in Vegas you will be a part of our Players Club and will be awarded bonus points as you play. The more you play the more bonus you receive!

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Flash Casino Games

Our Online Casino, which was developed by using Macromedia Flash® Technology, requires no download! Our browser-based Online Casino can be played from anywhere in the world with a simple “Click”.

Complete with every single feature, this is the version you need if you want to play right now.

Casino Games

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The object of this game is to draw cards that total 21, without going over, or coming closer to 21 than the cards held by the dealer.


Pai Gow

Pai Gow is a poker variation based on the Chinese game. The Joker is a wild card that can be used as an Ace or to complete straight, flush or a straight flush.


Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is based on the Five Card Stud Poker game. This is the first casino table game to offer a progressive jackpot payout.


Slot Machines

These are the classic three-reel slot machine complete with spinning reels, the very same machine that made Las Vegas famous.



The most popular table game in the world may appear complicated at first glance, yet it’s a very easy game to play and understand.



Craps is played on a purpose-built table and two dice are used. All that’s missing is the yelling and shouting at the table.



Baccarat is played with a single standard deck of 52 cards. Two hands of cards are dealt, one for the Player and one for the Banker.

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