UEFA Champions League – Round 16 Game 1 – Schedule & Odds.


The Champions League is on its final stages on the Road to Milano.

Milan’s Stadio Giuseppe Meazza also known as San Siro will host the 2016 UEFA Champions League final on May 28th, this will be the 4th time in history the UEFA Championship is decided at this venue (1965, 1970 and 2001). Continue reading


NFL Week 17 2016 – Predictions, Playoffs Picture, Schedule & Odds


It’s sad to bring bad news, but that the way things work. We’ve reached the end of the regular NFL season. The final action will start this coming Sunday, when all teams, even the ones out of the playoffs will give their last battle. Continue reading

Super Bowl 50

nfl-free-agency-super-bowl-50-odds.jpgThis coming year brings along some changes regarding the Super Bowl.  Luckily, for us, these modifications will benefit fans, viewers, players and different companies. Continue reading

The Bernabeu is Armored!

SatelliteAs we already know, fear is just one of the words that we can use to describe the current feeling at the Middle East, Europe and all countries involved in the latest terrorism attacks. This obviously, includes Spain been the neighboring country of France and Belgium. Continue reading

Kobe Bryant Said Good Bye

Nothing is forever just the essence of what we were is going to remain on earth after we are death. This is the case of Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Don´t freak out! He is not death yet, but his career just came to an end!

Many of us, as fans, and even more the Lakers as a team were waiting to have Kobe Bryant for the rest of his live. However, as any career it has to get to the end. It doesn´t matter if you are one of the best players of the world or which sport you play, soccer, football or basketball, if your body needs it, if your health is screaming at it, the best thing is to give it a rest. Continue reading

Pay per Head the Best Tool for Agent

pphThere are many people around the sports betting world that have been doing the same thing for years, and they have no idea that technology has brought them one of the best opportunities to improve and succeed when talking about sports betting.

Maybe these kind of people are trying to grow up their business but they don´t understand why is it so hard. Well, I have the answer: Technology is revolutionizing and changing the sports betting industry and those who embrace this change grow with it. Adopting and embracing this change is what keeps business growing, so if you want your company to succeed you need to be part of this change. Continue reading