FIFA Ballon d’Or 2015

cérémonie-Ballon-dOr-2014-streamingThe Ballon d’Or Ceremony is getting closer and candidates are already selected. But, before giving you all the names and information regarding this ceremony, can you tell me how much do you know about this award? Cause it is too easy to follow players, but as a good fan you should know a little bit of everything.

It was around 1956 when the Ballon d’Or was granted for the first time and until 2009 it was an European award given to the best European player, actually it was also known as the European Footballer of the Year Award. However,  it  2010 people’s votes through the internet motivate the mixture of the FIFA’s award to best player and the European Award to create what we currently know, as the FIFA Ballon d’Or. Continue reading


Simeone Replacing Mourinho?

 article-0-1D7C1CEC00000578-35_634x519The situation that the ex-coach of the “merengues” has been going through with his new team Chelsea, it is not something new. It is a mix of the bad personal and institutional moments. However, it doesn´t matter what is he facing right now, things can get worst, even after getting Roman Abramovich support last week.

Currently, Chelsea is risking descending to league 1 and the statements of the Portuguese coach don´t help

‘‘If Chelsea wants to fire me, then fire me”.   Mourinho declared after losing at home against Southampton 3 -1. Continue reading

Cowboys Lost Lance Dunbar

lance-dunbarOn October 4th During the game at Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, we witnessed a great game, with outstanding performances from some runners, such as Dunbar and McFadden from Dallas and Ingram and Robinson from New Orleans.  We also saw great action from great receivers such as Butler, Beasley and Spiller, Snead. An exciting game in which the Saints won over the Cowboys 26-29; unfortunately, we also witnessed Dunbar Lance suffered a hard injury. Continue reading

Cleveland Browns Broke up With Andy Moeller

6a00d83451bd4469e2014e5ff0fe6b970cOn September 5th, the offensive line coach Andy Moeller got involved on an incident which put on danger his career and his dignity. Then on Monday September 7th, Browns spokesman Dan Murphy wrote an email explaining that:

“Over the weekend, Andy was involved in an incident, involving allegations that we take very seriously. We have followed our internal protocol, determining that right now it is best for the team and for Andy to take time away from the organization to focus on his personal matters.”

But what happened? What kind of incident was it?

It turns out that Andy Moeller is under investigation for a 911 call from a woman who alleged she was victim of an assault and the aggressor is Andy Moeller who tried also to strangle her. Continue reading

Being a Reliable Agent

image_galleryNowadays, to find a reliable agent is really difficult. There are many people calling themselves agents but just a few are really reliable.  It doesn´t matter if the business is local or online, you should be very careful who you thrust your business to. If you want to work with a dependable agent or become one, there´re a few companies that do provide an excellent service, and that you can definitely trust. They offer the cutting edge technology for you as and for your business. Continue reading

Sportsbooks Trends

CapturaWhen I think about sportsbooks many things come to my mind. What do clients want, what do these companies should offer? Does technology makes a difference? Well, trying to answer those question the new trends at sportsbooks were born.

Before commenting the trends that have come to light during the last couple of years, it is important to talk about what do clients want these days? The current client is looking for the most comfortable service offered inside the market, but what can be a good definition of ‘‘comfortable service’.’     Continue reading