NFL Week 17 2016 – Predictions, Playoffs Picture, Schedule & Odds


It’s sad to bring bad news, but that the way things work. We’ve reached the end of the regular NFL season. The final action will start this coming Sunday, when all teams, even the ones out of the playoffs will give their last battle. Continue reading


MLB Odds – Get ready.


We all know the regular season of the MLB won’t start until Sunday April 5, there is plenty of games coming as part of the pre season warm up of all teams, but getting back to the opening day Continue reading

The Advantages of Reduced Juice.


If you are an online sportsbook enthusiast and love to do so, you know how important is for a company to provide you with the best value on the bets that you make with then, the juice, also call vigorish (will see the concept of that in a moment), is a key factor to your success and can bring to your online sportsbook experience, reduced juice can provide you with that advantage you need every time you wager and will help the online sportsbook enthusiast by lowering the amount they have to lay in order to win. Continue reading

NFC Championship 2014 – San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks.

nfl-seahawks-49ersThe NFC Championship 2014 will be hosted by the Seattle Seahawks at the CenturyLink Field Arena and its going to bring the best of the conference between the Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, and as many people are talking in different media, they deserve to be the ones, the best two teams in the conference to battle against each other for the honor of holding not only the NFC trophy, but also to get one of the precious golden tickets to the NFL Super Bowl 48th 2014 Continue reading

Squeeze the Juice out of a great Sportsbook

00644_the_juice_is_worth_the_squeezeSome say that if the life gives you lemons, the you should squeeze the juice out of it and make lemonade, and in the life turns the back on you, you should give her a good spank, and like pretty much things in life are made out of good and bad and some times you see the glass half full or half empty you can make the best out of every situation and turn the odds on your favor to enjoy as much as you need and want from this short life, and as well as other things like sportsbook, you can squeeze the juice out of it and make it a great experience, to learn, grow and why not make some extra cash out of that juice only a good action can give you. Continue reading

MLB Playoff odds

By: Ross Kuebler

One week from today, The National League Wild Card game will take place.  The Cincinnati Reds will most likely take on the Pittsburgh Pirates in a one game playoff to determine who will join the Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinal in the Division Championship round.  While I have often thought Bud Selig to be the baseball equivalent to the man who designed the Boeing 787 battery system, the one game wild card playoff game is truly inspiring.  No longer are teams coasting to the wire just content with locking up a space in the playoffs.  There is no owner, GM, or manager who wants the 162 game season to end in a one game playoff which means they are riding their teams to the finish like Stevie Cauthen on Affirmed in the 1978 Belmont Stakes. Continue reading