NFL Week 17 2016 – Predictions, Playoffs Picture, Schedule & Odds


It’s sad to bring bad news, but that the way things work. We’ve reached the end of the regular NFL season. The final action will start this coming Sunday, when all teams, even the ones out of the playoffs will give their last battle. Continue reading


Succeed at Sportsbook with this Tips.


There are so many advises you can read all over the Internet about how to succeed with your sportsbook activity but there are some tips that will provide you the edge you are looking for Continue reading

Things to know about Patriots and Seahawks before the Super Bowl.


Like they say… all good things must come to an end, and even if you don’t want to and you want the NFL Party to continue, there is a bunch of feelings that comes to your mind, on one hand you are sad either because the seasons is coming to an end or because your team is watching the game, as well as you, sitting at home and on the other hand you are feeling excited, thrilled because your favorite sports betting, New England Patriots or Seattle Seahawks, are on the final stretch to become or repeat as Super Bowl Champion in it’s 49th edition. Either or I hope you enjoy the sports action and the sports betting one as well.

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When on a bad gambling streak

We’ve all been there, a few bets gone bad which we try to ignore as these happen an bam, Luis Suarez bites you; no, wait, wrong story. What I meant is that you try to avoid feeling bummed out as this things happen, but you can’t stop betting as you wouldn’t know when the situation is reversed – meaning you won’t know when your bad luck becomes good luck – thus, leaving most people perplexed as to what to do, and in a few cases, empty bank accounts or massive debt.

So, what to do? Continue reading

Profit with Online Sportsbooks

Many gamblers are still dubious or online casinos and sportsbooks, yet, these can be the difference between profiting and losing – this is specially true for sports betting activity, reason for which we will focus on this type of gambling.

The attractive behind going to a brick-and-mortar sportsbook lies in the environment and the people. Now, some of you might understand this while others might be refusing the thought in their mind; this is because some people actually enjoy going and interacting with others and feeling the sensation produced by being in a room full of gamblers tense with anticipation, while others would love to avoid it all (but don’t trust online venues enough to make the change).

On the other hand Continue reading

The Ultimate Sportsbook

The holy grail for sports betting enthusiasts, a place where you can go and find the best lines and odds while the company takes reduced juice on the action, a place where you can immediately receive funds without having to wait days for a transfer or make long lines to reach a cashier, a miraculous place for gamblers, unfortunately, it doesn’t exist.

There is no such thing as the perfect or ultimate sportsbook; there never has and never will. That won’t change just because there are sportsbooks that specialize in online services nowadays.

This is quite obvious, yet, we all secretly wish such a place existed; sometimes to the point of falling for deals that seem to good to be true on sites that are certainly shady.

Although it’s fine to try new sportsbooks, don’t let the illusion of an ultimate sportsbook drag you to deal with sportsbooks and websites that may end up costing you more than a headache.

If you’re looking to find the best sportsbook available, more accurately, the Continue reading